A-Z Fundraising Ideas

Calling all fundraisers! If you’re looking for some inspiration to help us raise funds for SNAPS, here’s a list to get your ideas flowing. It’s by no means definitive but there might be something that tickles your fancy…

A is for Afternoon Tea
Host a tea party at home, at work or in your village hall, with tea, cakes and bakes a-plenty.

B is for Boccia Challenge
Forget five-a -side football and try out Boccia, the Paralympic precision ball sport. You could play for fun, or team up with others and charge participants to take part in your own tournament!

C is for Cake
Get competitive and organise a gang of friends or colleagues to show off your baking skills (or lack of), then sell them by the slice to earn a tasty sum for SNAPS.

D is for D.I.S.C.O.
If you love to throw shapes then why not hold a disco or other dance?

E is for Egg and Spoon Race
Throw an old-school Sports Day, with favourites such as the Bean Bag on Head Race, Wheelbarrow Race, 3-Legged Race, Skipping Race and more. Charge teams to enter, then get ready for egg-ceedingly good fun!

F is for Football
Ask players to make a donation and charge the spectators to take part in a penalty shoot-out.

G is for Give it up!
Get sponsored to give up driving to work, social media, chocolate, wine, TV, whatever is dear to your heart. Could you give it up for a month? We dare you!

H is for Halloween
Throw a spooky party, charge an entry fee and offer prizes for the most fearsome costume.

I is for It’s a Knockout competition
Assemble some teams and arrange an assault course, games and quizzes galore. Charge each person a few pounds to take part and the winning team is awarded a prize!

J is for Jigsaw Marathon
Ask teams or individuals to complete a series of jigsaws against the clock. When every team’s finished, the winner is the person/team who complete in the shortest time! Charge all for entry.

K is for Knitting
Do you love to knit? Put your yarn to great use and make a scarf, hat, tea cosy, stuffed toy, or a crocodile called Snappy-SNAPS! These can then be sold at craft fairs or table top sales.

L is for Lengths and laps
How many can you do? Whatever your sport, get sponsored to do as many lengths or laps as you can!

M is for Music
Are you in a band? Do you know musicians who’ll give you mates-rates or perform for free? Take advantage of their kindness, put on a great gig and charge entry to all.

N is for Non-Uniform Day
Go casual for SNAPS and ask everyone for a donation for the pleasure.

O is for Outgrown Clothes Sale
If you know lots of families, hold an event where you can buy each other’s outgrown clothes to raise funds!

P is for Peak Challenge
Up for 24 hours of excitement? Go for Yorkshire’s Three, Lake District’s Five or the National Three Peaks!

Q is for Quiet
This one’s for chatterboxes! How long can you stay stum? Ask friends and family to sponsor your silence.

R is for Running
Couch-to-5km, Park Runs, 5kms, 10kms, half marathons, marathons, obstacle courses… There are so many running events out there. Pick one to suit you!

S is for Shave it off
Say bye-bye to your beard, eyebrows, moustache or hair as you bravely raise funds for SNAPS.

S is for Skills Auction
Get friends and family to auction skills: painting, decorating, dog-walking, babysitting… it’s all useful stuff!

T is for ‘Tash
Grow a moustache for SNAPS! Don’t forget to get sponsored and send us some pics!

U is for Unwanted items
Sell them on Ebay and donate the profits, attend a Bring and Buy or hold your own yard sale. There’s nothing like a good sort-out and if your old stuff raises new funds for SNAPS then all the better!

V is for Viral
Upload an amazing video, share and hope it goes viral. Don’t forget to add your Virginmoneygiving link too!

W is for Wax it
Would you? Could you? There’s money to be raised if you dare!

X is for X Factor
Team up with your local pub, club or pub and hold your very own X Factor-style talent contest

Y is for Year to Remember
Could you complete 2,018 miles in 2018? Take on the challenge of the year and walk, run, hike, swim or treadmill. Log your mileage across 2018.

Z is for Zumbathon
Organise a sponsored Zumbathon. Hire a local hall, find an instructor and get inviting!

Good luck and have fun!

Be sure to tell us all about what you get up to and take lots of photos for us to share! Contact SNAPS Communty Fundraiser Helen Wells at helen@snapsyorkshire.org

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Downloadable PDF of A-Z Fundraising ideas

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