Vision, Aim and History


Our vision is for SNAPS to be an inspirational place connecting families and children with a wide range of challenges and opportunities. We aim to promote health and well-being for all by providing opportunities for people to meet, learn, play, and build relationships. We are an inclusive organisation, involving the whole family, including siblings with no special needs. We are currently based at Penny Field School in North Leeds and Broomfield School in South Leeds but provide support for children and their families from across the West Yorkshire region.


The aims of SNAPS are:

  • To provide leisure services for children with special needs, including hydrotherapy and Rebound therapy sessions, along with swimming lessons for those able to participate, including siblings where appropriate, and a range of physical activities, arts and crafts, and soft toy play;
  • To provide parents and carers with the opportunity to share information, ideas and experiences with other families of children with special needs;
  • To raise funds to help provide services and equipment for those children.

A Brief History

SNAPS started in Leeds in March 2004 as a parent led organisation, and continues to involve parents at all levels. We identified an unmet demand for hydrotherapy, swimming and physical activity experiences, all of which can have such a positive impact on both the children with additional needs and their families. These experiences can literally be life changing, helping the whole family relax and enjoy time together.

From that modest beginning, we have continued to grow, and deliver a consistent support service to a wider and wider group of families and their children. Over recent years we have strived to improve how we operate, and grown through a clearer operational focus and improved communications. We are now open every Saturday in term time at both Penny Field School and Broomfield School.

We Hope…

We hope that enjoy our website and find it both informative and helpful in telling you more about SNAPS and understanding what we can do for you, and what you can do for SNAPS, to be a part of the SNAPS family. If we can improve the website please tell us how. We welcome feedback.