Could you take on a challenge for forty days to support SNAPS?

Test your mettle for forty days straight to raise money for our vital physiotherapy and support services!

Why 40 days?

It costs SNAPS £40 to deliver a session of hydrotherapy or rebound therapy. If you could raise just £40 during your forty day challenge, then you can help a family access one session. Imagine the difference you could make if you raise even more!

What do I need to do?

Set yourself a challenge for forty days and stick to it! Why not try…

Running, swimming, cycling or walking forty miles in forty days
Giving up chocolate or booze for forty days
One random act of kindness for forty days
Asking your friends and family to set you a different challenge every day for (you guessed it) forty days!

If you have an even better idea, then let us know!

How do I start fundraising?

The easiest way to do this is by setting up a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving.

We also have a poster and a leaflet you can download to tell everyone what you’re up to:

Taking on the challenge solo? Click here to download your poster.
Doing it as part of a team? Click here to download your team poster.
Click here to download the 40 Day Challenge leaflet.

You can also download our fundraising pack by clicking here.


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