Our Supporters

We have a number of ways in which we raise funds to support our activities. We employ a fundraiser who does an excellent job working to an agreed strategy, but funds are always limited in this current economic climate, and it is time consuming and challenging to raise sufficient funds to ensure that we can continue to provide services to our families.

Our generous supporters and donors

During the last year we have received support from a wide variety of sources, here are some of them:

Baily Thomas Charitable Fund

The 29th May1961 Charitable Trust

Jane Tomlinson Fund

Johnnie Johnson Trust

Vickers Staff Charitable Fund (Maryland Trust)

The Emerson Foundation

Douglas Arter Foundation

Leeds Building Society Foundation

Nigel Brooke

Herbert & Stefanie Straus Memorial Trust

Samuel Shields

Stella Symons Charitable Trust

Brelms Trust

Pierrepoint Trust

Denton Charitable Trust

David Solomons Charitable Trust

Angela Gallagher Memorial Fund

Sobell Trust payment 3

Squishy Trust

J R Murray Foundation

Lottery Awards For All

Tula Trust

Ross Warburton Charitable Trust

Boyle Family (4 cheques + Link On-Line)

Regular monthly donation – Leaver

Virgin Money / Just Giving

Alerce Trust

Carlton Hill Local Quaker Meeting

Broomfield Charity Box

Paul and Elspeth Rowson donation

Some other organisations and individuals declined publicity – you know who you are and how valuable your contribution has been.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who have contributed to ‘the cause’.

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