Why we need your help

SNAPS currently supports around 300 children with special needs and their families who attend sessions in our two school sites. Our sessions make a real difference to families, but our professionally-delivered services, including Hydrotherapy and Rebound Therapy, need continuing funds to operate.

Some of our funding comes from contributions from families, but this amounts to less than 20% of what it actually costs to run our services. We want to continue to offer sessions at a heavily subsidised rate, so it’s vital that we raise the rest of the funds through other means.

We don’t receive any funding from local government, but rely on the goodwill of others to keep us doing what we do best. We continually submit grant and funding applications, but it’s an endless challenge to raise sufficient funds, so please support us if you can!

How can you help?

There are all kinds of ways you can support SNAPS and help us make a difference to families across Yorkshire.

  • Take part in an Event or Challenge

If you’d like to take in a challenge to help us raise funds then check out our Events and Challenges page for suggestions and links to the best local challenges. Or if you’d like to run your own event, take a look at our Fundraising Pack for ideas, inspiration and information about how to make your event fun, safe and effective.

  • Join the SNAPS 14 in 14 Team

2018 is SNAPS’ fourteenth year and to celebrate we have 14 discounted places on the Leeds Half Marathon on 13th May, as well as 14 places on the Yorkshire 10 Mile on 14th October. Contact helen@snapsyorkshire.org to claim your place today.

  • Donate your time

We’ve previously offered work experience to students studying physiotherapy, speech and language, teacher training, but we’d love to work with anyone passionate about working with children with special needs.  Please contact tracy@snapsyorkshire.org to find out more.

  • Nominate us

If you see opportunities for fundraising, please put our name forward! Nominate us for green token schemes in supermarkets, or suggest that your workplace or school fundraise for us – they’re much more likely to do it for SNAPS if someone from within puts our name forward.

  • Spread the word

Social media works wonders these days. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for all things SNAPS-related. Then share, share, share! Even if you can’t attend an event or take part in a challenge, maybe your friends can…

  • Stay in touch

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stay in touch! There are loads of ways we can support your fundraising efforts – we just need to know what you’re up to. Contact Helen Wells, our Community Fundraiser helen@snapsyorkshire.org for more information.

Other Ways To Contact Us

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