We receive no statutory funding to do what we do and instead rely entirely on the support & generosity of people like you All donations, no matter the size, help us continue to make a huge impact. 

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We’ll put your gift to use straight away helping more children with additional needs and their families. People like Eleena… 

Eleena is a beautiful, funny, clever little girl with a strong will for life. She has been through many medical appointments, examinations, scans, and tests and has taken all the prodding and poking from many different medical professionals in her stride. 


It is hard as a parent to put your child through these things and not being able to trade places. It can be very isolating at times and all you can do is try to be strong and get through it. 
In early 2017, we discovered SNAPS. This service is a place where you can go and talk to other parents going through similar situations. I have spoken to many mums and dads there with children living with all different conditions. I have met some very brave and strong parents. I’m sure we all agree SNAPS is a place where you can talk about stuff, cry about it and get reassurance you are doing your best without fear of judgement. 
We are lucky enough to have experienced the different support sessions they offer – hydrotherapy, swimming, rebound therapy and dance and Makaton ‘sing and sign’ lessons, as well as time for her brother Jenson to play with other siblings and support workers.” 

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