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  • Hydrotherapy

    One to one sessions with a qualified physiotherapist in the Hydrotherapy pool

  • Swimming

    Engage in a one to one swim with a qualified instructor

Jean Ingham, Swimming Instructor
I regret to tell you that Jean Ingham has resigned from her work with SNAPS. This means that she will no longer be working for SNAPS on a Saturday at Penny Field, as well her other private sessions at Scott Hall and Pudsey pools.
Leeds City Council Aquatics team is changing pool access times, locations and processes for their various pools around the City, as well as encouraging more children to work within their disability hubs which use small groups working with an instructor to help to learn to swim and develop.
Despite extensive discussions with LCC and a number of alternatives being offered, Jean didn’t feel that the new arrangements worked sufficiently well either for the families to whom she provided support, or for Jean herself. We have written to LCC Aquatics team to inform them of the situation. Jean has found …