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Lewis Hydrotherapy

“Lewis is 12 and has severe Cerebral Palsy and spends much of his time in a wheelchair. When Lewis was born, we felt really scared – we didn’t know anything about his disability or where to get help”. 

“We started coming to SNAPS when Lewis was just 10 months old, and it was such a relief to have somewhere safe to go where no one judged us or Lewis”. 

“SNAPS has given us so much.  When Lewis is in the water, he has more mobility and less pain.  Each week it helps him get stronger. Whilst at SNAPS Lewis has the chance to develop his independence – he loves to meet his friends there and has so much fun”. 

“Life can be really hard, but SNAPS has helped my whole family feel part of a community who completely get what we’re going through. Families like ours desperately need this provision and we are so lucky to be part of such a brilliant organisation.” 

Lewis’ mum 

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